NTR Maharshi

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bollywood actresses are fodder for juicy news pieces and no wonder they are often the victims of scandalous news and sensational link ups.Internet is also replete with morphed images of Bollywood heroines, some of which are so dexterously done that it is difficult to believe them as fake.

With the rise of technology, some perverts have taken this job very seriously to earn quick money.We have earlier seen many heroines facing the problem of morphing and the recent victim is heroine Radhika Apte.
Radhika Apte has turned as the new victim of the image morphing , her look alike naked photos are going viral through whatapss from past few hours. Some of B-Town websites have posted those pictures online but we have investigated and found out that these are not the pictures of Radhika.The leaked pictures belong to another lady, who is quite popular over the internet for her raunchy poses.But unfortunately the features of the girl in the leaked pics are very similar to Radhika and due to this curiosity has increased among fans.
If we talk about the pictures, we can clearly see that these pictures privately taken and someone having evil intention decided to do this heinous act. The actress has not yet given any statement regarding the alleged leaked pictures.