NTR Maharshi

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cast: Raja Shekar, Sheena, Naresh, Seetha, Satyam Rajesh, Naga Babu and Others
Music: Atchu
Editor: Richard Kevin
Cinematography: Demil
Producers: Sivani, Sivathmika
Banner: Sivani Sivathmika Movies
Director: Santosh Peter Jayakumar
Release Date: Feb 6th, 2015


    • Movie has a Hilarious Concept
    • Few Comedy Scenes Came out well
    • Cinematography is Awesome
    • Naga Babu brings in the necessary laughs
    • All the twists in the second half are ok


        • Direction is Weak and Not Upto the Mark
        • Lead Actors Performance are Artifical
        • Dagged Screenplay
        • Movie has a Overdose of Tamil Nativity as this is a Tamil Remake
        • Songs Situation and Music of the film is a big let down

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          Telugu Mirchi - 2.75/5
          IQlik Movies - 2.5/5
          GreatAndhra - 2/5
          123Telugu - 2.75/5
          Cinejosh - 2.5/5
          Mirchi9 - 2.75/5
          ApToday - 2/5
          Overall Rating : 2.5/5