NTR Maharshi

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ever since a nude bathing video of a look alike of Hansika Motwani got leaked, the video went viral on the social networking sites and apps like whatsapp. The girl looks very similar to actress Hansika. The video seems to have been taken from a secret camera placed in the bathroom.
But it is very clear that it’s not Hansika in the nude bath video. Hansika fans are relieved by the fact that it’s not their favourite actress in the video. It’s not sure who had posted the original video. This is not the first time happened for an actress. Long back Trisha was in the news for the same reason.
Very recently look alike of Radhika Apte nude pics were also uploaded but Radhika came out and clarified that she is not the one in the video. However Hansika has not come and given any clarification.