NTR Maharshi

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Varun Sandesh(N.Rama Rao) played as a good friend who would give the problematic love stories a successful ending. Varun Sandesh whose love story with his first love Shravani(Vithika) was going smoothly ended up with misunderstanding. Meanwhile, the local thug (Lanka Pratap)who also wanted to marry Shravani for his political carrier also hunting for both Rama Rao and Shravani. How Rama Rao rescued his lady love from Lanka Pratap(Aravind)? How Rama Rao won Shravani’s heart after the break up ? was the story of the film,Paddanandi Premalo Mari. This was the brief story as per the PPM Review.
Rating By Various Websites:
123Telugu - 2.75/5
Indiaglitz - 1/5
Mirchi9 - 2/5
Cinejosh - 2.25/5
The Times of India - 2.5/5
Overall Raing - 2/5