NTR Maharshi

Saturday, 6 June 2015

For big stars like Ram Charan, it is the title of their film that always matters to fans. Currently this happening mega hero is working with director Sreenu Vytla for his next. After two promising titles are heard about this flick, a third title started doing rounds now.

Buzz has it earlier that this film is titled as “My Name Is Raju”, with Charan’s name in the flick being Raju. Later it is spread that Bruce Lee is his name in the movie, and the film’s title will also be “Bruce Lee”. With Charan playing the role of a stunt-man in the flick, these titles looked apt. But the team is said to be looking for a more powerful title.

Close sources from unit revealed that both Charan and Vytla are inclined towards one more powerful title, “Supreme”. We do know that Chiranjeevi used to carry the superlative “Supreme Hero” during his early days as a hero. As the film is schedule for October 15th, there is a long way for the title to be finalised.