NTR Maharshi

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Movie : James Bond
Cast : Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chaudhary
Directed : Sai Kishore
Produced : Anil Sunkara
Music : Sai Karthik
Rating : 2.0/5

“James Bond”, starts off as Bullet, the protagonist, engaged in gang fight at a helipad with her henchmen. Bullet aka. Pooja is a gangster in Dubai dominates the male centered underworld handling only a pair of her trademark blades and guns. One day, Pooja finds out about her mother from whom she was separated in the childhood, and her mother tells Pooja that her last dying wish is to see that Pooja gets married. At this time, Lakshmi Prasad (Allari Naresh) falls in love with Pooja in the first instance and takes the help of Sarvesh Rao (Krishna Bhagwan) to marry her. Taking this as an opportunity Sarvesh without letting Lakshmi Prasad know about Pooja’s past make him marry her. After the wedding, Lakshmi Prasad gets to know that whats waiting for him in a life of constant ménage tasks and a bride who resists to sleep with him instead of a blissful honeymoon. Pooja, on the other hand, finds the life of don more demanding than ever before. To matters worse, Mother Vasundara (Prabha) asks Pooja to have a child with Lakshmi Prasad for her. There is nothing Pooja won’t do for her mother. Meanwhile, her enemies try to muscle their way into her territory and she has to fend off and not surprisingly, her dual role was discovered by Nani aka. Lakshmi Prasad soon enough. What forms next concludes the film on a happy note.

Star Performance:
Potugadu fame Sakshi Chaudhary tries to showcase her every asset to grab the attention. Sakshi looks dashing in the first half, but her acting is extremely weak. Allari Naresh gets a new tagline with this film – Sudden Star. The actor excels in scenes which have his office colleagues, the actor doesn’t seem comfortable pulling off the comic tinges and it would have be best left unsaid for the parts he tries to dominate through his emotional histrionics. Comedian Praveen merely plays one of those character roles that everyone has got used to seeing him do, he doesn’t make an impression and Raghu, Raghu Babu, Jaya Prakash doesn’t live upto their expectations and manage to evoke few laughs here and there. Ashish Vidhyarthi is merely included to serve and Prudhvi is over the top still fun to watch him in a Legend-Simha fusion spoof. Posani Krishna Murali excels once again as a Soap fan.
Techinical Team:
The story idea of “James Bond” is directly taken from Korean 2001 action entertainer “My Wife Is A Gangster”. The theme was good but its lacks the required entertaining execution for a comedy. The script fails to entertain and also could not make use of talented starcast it had. Balakrishna’s Legend – Simha dialogues are also used in a comic way, but this too falls flat. The director Sai Kishore (Protégé of Srinu Vaitla) couldn’t catch the right inspirit of the movie with no peculiar scene worth talking about. It looked like he was in so much hurry to make this film that he forgot to work on the screenplay and on the comedy sequences. Director and Writer completely lack the perfect comic timing. You feel restless watching the movie as it becomes bore and slow most of the times.
Music department (handled by Sai Karthik) only comes with one good song, “Oh Jaane Jaana” and all the other songs are below average. Songs in the second half were not at all needed as they slow down the pace of the film. The background score gives déjà vu of other famous tracks. The cinematography by Damu Narrav is neat. The witty one liners are fairly nice and at times put a smile on your face. The rhyming lines were not completely necessary everytime. Editor (by M R Varma) of the film by could have easily cut short the film by 20 odd minutes. The visual effects were not upto the mark. Production Values of A K Entertainments India Pvt. Ltd are fine.
It’s always hard to make a decent action comedy film than an emotional drama or an action thriller. The reason being there is a small line between an funny sequence and a cheap episode trying to make you laugh. “James Bond” should be considered in the second class where you keep expecting some good comedy and sequences, but nothing comes, the films ends just like that. All in all, James Bond neither matches up to Allari Naresh’s entertainment standards nor original (My Wife is a Gangster) film standard.