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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friendship day marks the day of celebration to appropriate the love and affections with our true and best friends. Globally it is celebrated as “International Friendship Day” on 30 July, but in some countries like United States, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and in most of the Asian countries, the day is celebrated officially on first Sunday of August, that is the date will be on 02 Aug in 2015. We welcome all our visitors and daily readers from all around the globe to celebrate happy friendship day with us. Get all new collection of friendship day wishes, best friends quotes and wishing images to share on Facebook or whatsapp as your FB status. We have also posted some HD wallpapers, Images and Picture gallery to download and share with your friends.
No matter how hard life plays on us, but friendship is the only thing that keep us alive, a good friends should be a good companion, a person who knows everything about you and who cares about you. No matter how hard times you are facing on, your friend will always stands with us. I guess that’s the true definition of friends and friendship. As they say “A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed.” Get Friendship Day Greetings and Best Wishes with thoughts and wordings for your friends to say “thank you for your friendship as a gift to me.”
Sometime your close friend can be your close relatives, example:- your mother, father, teacher, wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, depending upon you relationship with her/him. On this happy Friendship Day 2015, get your friendship day Messages, Text SMS to friends, Friendship Day Quotes and Free Online Greeting Cards/ Ecards to send and share for free. You’re are most welcomed to share your thoughts, wishes and message to your friends with us. All you have to do is “Drop your Wishes in the commenting section below.” We will post your SMS-Messages with your name, right here on this page.

Happy Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS

When things go wrong…
When sadness fills your heart
When tears flow in your eyes
Always remember these three things
1. I’m was with you…
2. I’m with you..
3. And Will ALWAYS BE with you….
Happy Friendship Day…!!!
A friend is sweet when its new.
But it is sweeter when its true,
But you know what? Its sweetest when its you.
To My Chubby, Lovely, Buddy…
Terrific Friendship Day…
Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS
Every garden must have a red rose..
Every sweet face must have red cheeks..
Every grass must have dew…
Every person must have friends like you….
Lövèäßlé Ñümßèr—>143
Lövèåßlé flöwèr—>RÖSÉ
Lövèaßlé Placè—>TÄJMÄHÅL
Lövèaßlè D套>14th Fèß
Lövèåßlè Örgåñ—>HÉÄRT,
& Lövèaßlé Frìèñd—>¥ÖÜ”
Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS
║║╔║║╔╗ ║
╠╣╠║║║║ ║
║║╚╚╚╚╝ O
† ❤ † ❤ † ❤ † ❤ †
Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS
Flowers+Butterflies = A beautiful scene..
Rain+Monsoon = A lovely weather…
Stars+Moon = A romantic night
You+Your Smile = Bhaago Bhoot aaya!!!!!
Unfortunately, My Friend No Less Then a Ghost!!!
“Life”for two day…
“Love”for some day…
“Dream”for one day…
But “friendship”for all? and all times…
Best of luck ”’.
Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS
♥─▄██ ANTASTIC Friend ♥*♥*♥♥
My eyes miss you..
My feels love you..
My hands need you..
My mind call you..
My heart is just for you..
My life is you..
I’ll die without you..
I love you very much…

Often My Mom tell me all this….
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….
Happy Friendship Day..
Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS
Aaj toh bahut khush hoge tum…

Kyunki, barish jo ho rai hai

Aur barish mein…

Sabhi MENDAK khush hi hote hai…..
Happy Monsoon-Wali Friendship Day…
Friendship is a Rainbow between,
Two hearts, sharing seven feelings:
6….Trust &
Hope The Rainbow of our friendship Will Exist Forever..
Friendship Day 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes Wallpaper SMS