NTR Maharshi

Thursday, 6 August 2015

'Mahesh' on his Role in 'Srimanthudu'
Mahesh Babu's Role in 'Srimanthdu' Revealed

Prince Mahesh Babu who is all set to entertain movie lovers as ‘Srimanthudu’ tomorrow,spoke about his role. He said, “I play as Harsha, son of a billionaire father, who is very simple hearted and extremely driven. Which is why we decided that the look should be understated yet stylish. The response the first look generated convinced me that our heart was in the right place“.
He questions, “I’m one of those actors who believe, actors must act, why must they dance? But over my last couple of films, I’ve been paying attention to my dancing as well and I guess that is showing. The thing is I work best when I enjoy what I’m doing and that’s what reflects onscreen too“.
On his dialogues, he says, “I have no script or dialogues written down because I can’t read Telugu.I just listen to the director and deliver my lines. That’s how it’s been since my first film. Since I don’t have a modulation in my mind, it comes out more naturally, from the heart. I’m just blessed with a great memory, “and adds, “My dad had a phenomenal memory. He would deliver dialogues running into pages in a single take“.
On his delayed entry into Kollywood, he says , “May be, yes. We could have tried to release my earlier films also in Tamil simultaneously. But it really depends on the kind of films as well.“