NTR Maharshi

Monday, 24 August 2015

Shocking Video | Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore District

People in Nellore are scared to venture out as night follows. Flying humans as they seem to be, are seen all over nellore night skies.
People were wondering what kind of beings are flying and swooping down to ground.
hey are very kind and are always ready to help. Ninten or Ness may decide to take a Flying Man with them while in Magicant, where they will help them in battle with enemies.

They cannot be taken out of Magicant, however. If a Flying Man happens to fall in battle, a grave will be set up by their home and cannot be revived. In both EarthBound and Mother, there are only five Flying Men available.
Mysterious Flying Humans Caught in Nellore District - [watch]