NTR Maharshi

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

'Kick-2' Telugu Movie Story Line..?

Mass Maha raja Raviteja and sizzling beauty Rakul Preet Singh starrer “Kick 2” is getting for a grand release on Aug 21st. The film cleared its censor formalities and acquired with U/A certificate. This movie is said to be a romantic comedy entertainer movie written by Vakkantham Vamsi and directed by Surender Reddy and Produced by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram on N.T.R. Arts banner. Buzzes are spreading wide in Film Nagar circles as film story line:
Ravi Teja introduced as Doctor Robin Hood residing in America who wants to build hospital in America.  Ravi Teja (Robin Hood) wants sell his ancestors property (land in Village) in India for building hospital, unfortunately Ravi Teja (Robin Hood) met with an accident and hospitalized for couple of days, Ravi Teja (Robin Hood) got anger on the people who are reason for accident and he beats them, small fight. In the mean time Ravi Teja (Robin Hood) fell in love with Rakhul Preeth Singh, he stays as paying guest in Pandit Ravi Teja’s (Brahmanandam) house and both Brami & Ravi Teja have some mutual conditions for staying together. Suddenly some people kidnap Rakhul Preeth Singh and warn Ravi Teja to come a village if he wants Rakhul. To save her he went to that village, but there he receives a shock that he came to know that Rakhul played this kidnap drama to bring Ravi Teja to that village.
Story reveals that village has been ruling by villain Ravi Kishan (Solomon Singh Thakur) who is doing mining business in that village, he uses village people as slaves for his mining business, if any one raises voice against him, he kills them. Ravi Kishan kills Rakhul Preeth Singh’s father who raises voice against him in support of villagers. Rakhul is in search of the perfect person who can save the villagers and she founds Ravi teja. After listening the story Ravi Teja says that he came India to sell the property and he don’t want to involve in any issues, he proposes Rakhul and ask her come with him. But villagers keep condition that if wants to marry Rakhul, he need to stay 30 days in the village, after many discussions Ravi Teja accepts to stay 10 days in that village and Ravi Teja stay in a temple in the village. By mistake Ravi Teja hugs a girl in a temple but unfortunately that girl is Ravi Kishan’s sister. Ravi Kishan (Solomon Singh Thakur) brother saw that Ravi Teja hugged his sister and he attacks Ravi Teja with goons. Ravi Kishan’s brother was hospitalized and Ravi Teja only gives him the treatment to recover in 30 days, after recovery he gain fights with Ravi Teja. In the mean time Ravi Kishan (Solomon Singh Thakur) blasts that village, Ravi Teja who came to know about the blast gets anger. Huge climax fight and Ravi Teja hand over Ravi Kishan to villagers for killing. Some interring climax.. Film ends with “Kick 3” will be back slide…