NTR Maharshi

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Big Collection on Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages Wishes For Friends, Send Valentines Day 2017 Greetings Cards, Wishes To Friends, Love, Boyfriend, Girlfriend In Hindi, English..

  • If You Are Single !!!!!
    And Alone ??????
    Then !!!! Play, Play & Play!!!!!
    Noone Can Blame You …
    Enjoy Every Opportunity in life…
    Never Stop Lookin For Someone..!
    Happy Valentine Day To ALL Kawaara Party.
  • Happy Valentines Day to All…
    Valentines Day is not for only lovers of the world…
    Alone its more for family & friends Also…
    who care for each other all through the years…
  • New style of proposing
    Boy: can I take a photo???
    Girl: y?
    Boy: Just wanted to show my children
    How their mom looked in her younger age…
    ooooooooooo teri …
    pen jee kadi hass v leya karo..
  • d.a.r.l.i.n.g
    r u know full form of DARLING ?
    D <++> dear>
    A <++> always>
    R <++> remembar>
    L <++> love>
    I <++> is>
    N <++> not>
    G <++> game>
    aaj kal ki bachiyaaan tez hain.
    Happy Valentines Day 2017…
  • My Heart <*> To You Is Given**
    Oh Dear** Do Give Yours To Me **Plz**
    We Will Lock Them Up Together For All time…
    And Throw Away The Key…
    Will be my valentine Plz???
  • u know..
    u r in love..
    when u cant fall asleep..
    because reality is finally better..
    than ur dreams..
    wish ur aal dreams come to true..
    happy valentines day
  • Tell me how much u know,
    Of the sufferings of ur fellow men,??
    And I will tell u how much u have loved them…
  • Wish—U
    Have A ..
    .  .**,  ,**.
    . *     *    *
    .  *. HAPPY.*
    .     “*,,*”
    Valentine Day My Dear Friendz..
  • Dispite how our world is fast changing…
    There is one thing remaining to be pure
    And sincere the heart.
    Take care of it..
    by filling it with love…
    Not Only for Lover But Also your Friends & Family.
    Have A happy Valentines day.
  • Wish You all the best i ur life…
    Be hapi always….
    God always bless you
    Happy Valentines Day 2017
  • Beautiful Valebtines Day Advice
    If the people???
    We love are stolen away from us>>>
    The only way to have them live..
    On is to never stop love in them.
    Buildings burn,
    People die,
    But real love is forever…